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Also this year you can experience one of the Cantatas from Bach's Christmas Oratorio on Boxing Day in Oslo Cathedral.

26 December

11 am

Oslo Cathedral

As part of the Sung Eucharist on Boxing Day, you can hear the Cantata no. 5 from the Christmas Oratorio by J. S. bach. The Christmas Oratorio was composed for the celebration of Christmas in 1734-35, and was performed in Leipzig at the services in the St. Thomas Church and St. Nicholas Church from Christmas Day to Epiphany. The work consists of six freestanding cantatas.

Cantata no. 5 starts with a firework of a choral movement: Ehre sei dir, Gott, gesungen. The evangelist proceeds to tell about the three wise men who ask Herod where they can find the newborn King of the Jews. Herod becomes horrified, he feels threatened. The high priests and the scribes inform him that Jesus has been born in Betlehem. An alto-recitative asks Herod why he is frightened at Jesus' birth, why is he not happy. The cantata's remaining movements describe the coming of Jesus and the light he brings to the world, and to the darkest of minds. 



Oslo Cathedral Choir


Tone Braaten, soprano

Melis Jaatinen, alto

Paul Kirby, tenor

Halvor F. Melien, bass




Vivianne Sydnes, conductor


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